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lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Our Bio Bio Land of Encounters - Versión En Inglés De Nuestro Bio Bì

The territory of the Bio Bio was, for more than four centuries, the meeting point between the Spanish and indigenous Mapuche culture. In these valleys and ridges were forged people and characters that gave origin to great stories and small stories, facts and situations that been marking by the passage of the years.

On this land, marked by the natural boundary of the Bio Bio River, was produced the merger of these two races that gave birth to what is today the people of Chile. On this same land, its people have continued writing the story of the day to day that we pretend to show.

Go over the records that have left hundreds of years in Our Earth,visit our Portal and Recommend us, believe us, the culture needs to be disclosed, Never be Forgotten. Keep us in your memory or Make us your home page, but don't forget us. We are not the news, for it is the newspapers.

- All the Details of the territory of Bio Bio
- The most complete information on each of its communes
- Reports with spirit and journalistic objectivity
- The Heritage Monuments and elements of Our Land
- Legends, Traditions, interviews, the latest Digital Archive, Selection of videos and maps uniques.

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